Pro-Log STD-Bus Manuals

From: Bill <>
Date: Thu Feb 24 15:44:29 2005

I thought I would add more multibus boards to this thread that are
available for trade (I would trade for original media software) or
sale (cheap) if you buy them all. If interested I will provide more
detail upon request. A while back I sold some similar extra cards
individually on Ebay for $7-17ish, but I would rather trade with
an vintage collector directly.

I do not know too much about these cards, and I hope I am not too
inaccurate in my descriptions

[1] ziatech ZT 8860 Card Case populated with 8 Computer Dynamics
80188 CPU cards, various configurations/proms

[2] Pro Log Std. Bus Model BR16-T
7000 CCD 107488 Rev B
slots 1-16 populated with:
1-4 Byte-wide memory card, empty, (Pro Log 7704's)
5-8 PLog Counter/Timer cards w. P8253-5 chips (PL 7308)
9-12 I/O cards (?) perhaps converter cards analog/digital?
13,14 DAD 48 Analog to Dig.
15 - Z80 CPU card with Basic Prom
16 empty

[3] loose cards
5 Analog Devices RT1-1225
2 PL 7704 cards (I/O utility cards)
2 Power cards P/N 350130-902 rev 53 (5V DC In)
4 ProLog Counter Timer cards
4 PL Extender cards
2. iSBX cards "multi module boards"
1 ?? card

[4] Documentation:
Analog Devices User's Manual RTI-1225, RTI-1226
Pro Log Series 7000 STD Bus Tech Man.
Pro Log STD 7000 7308 counter /timer card user manual (and 7308A)
(2) VersaLogic 1990 Std Bus Products Catalog
Computer Dynamics CPU-188 Hardware Ref. Manual
Computer Dynamics CPU-188 Hardware Programmer's reference
Multibus theory textbook
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