KIM BUS -- coincidence

From: John Honniball <>
Date: Thu Feb 24 15:58:37 2005

Tom Jennings wrote:
> BTW, I didn't really mean to slag the KIM-1. It's a great machine,
> in spite of it's rarity today it was pretty damn influential.

Absolutely! I'm now reading The Newtonian Casino (in the USA, it
was called The Eudaemonic Pie), which tells the story of the group
of physicists and hackers who beat the roulette wheels with a
shoe-mounted 6502 computer. They used the KIM-1 as a development
machine. The final shoe computers were based on the 65C02 and
had an early form of power management (to reduce the size of the
batteries required).

They also used a PDP-11/45 (not their own) for simulations.

John Honniball
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