origins of IBM 3740 diskette format

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Thu Feb 24 23:46:47 2005

>> ([...] I also have a disk - a big, 5?" full-height drive of, I
>> think, about 1G - that has 1024-byte sectors, which I keep as an
>> example of a device with >512-byte sectors.)
> If you want to store/carry something smaller with a large sector
> size, get yourself a Tandy Portable Disk Drive ([...], 1280 bytes per
> sector. ;-)

> Small, light, works off the serial port, and ontopic!!! ;-)

Well, I suspect the 1K-sector drive I have is ontopic, actually. :-)

But the Tandy drive you suggest wouldn't do because it's not SCSI, and,
though I omitted the adjective in the text talking about that drive
(expecting it to be inferred from context), what I really meant is
" example of a SCSI disk drive with >512-byte sectors".

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