G888 modules for TC11/TU56

From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Fri Feb 25 01:13:06 2005

Ashley wrote about a TC11 DECtape control for a PDP-11, which
is missing all five G888 Manchester Read/Write modules:

> Can someone tell me what's special about
> these "Manchester Read/Write" modules

The only thing that's special about them is that they're only
used for DECtape.

> and why all of them would be missing?

Aside from pulling them for use in another TC11, someone
might have wanted to install them in a TU56 that they were
going to use on a TD8-E control for an Omnibus PDP-8 system.

If you're lucky, maybe your TU56 will come with G888 modules
installed, in which case you should pull them out and put them
in the TC11. G888 modules should never be installed in a TU56
unless it's being used with the TD8-E.

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