Pro-Log STD-Bus Manuals

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Fri Feb 25 11:42:08 2005

>From: "Ken Seefried" <>
>> Who would have a need for this? Do folks actually develop or maintain
>> STD-Bus systems commercially, or is it a hobby thing?
>I certainly use them (hobby-wise). They're excellent for little control
>applications around the house (like moitoring temp & humidity where I grow
>orchids). They're also much more convenient than, say, an S-100 chassis,
>when playing around with Z-80 applications. Nice assembly language toys.

 Unlike a PC, these were designed to be connected to
real world things. I have one that has both floppy and
hard disk so it is not like one has to be resource restricted.
One finds that there are many processors used as well.
I've seen 6809's and 68000's as well as the work horse Z80.
 I've put many Forth implementations on these machines.
On some, I virtualize the mass storage through the serial
to something like a PC while on others, I have a disk
controller and always have that resources. It just depends
on the requirements of the system. Many of the newer processor
boards come with flash ROM instead of EPROM's. This makes
for simple updates in situ.
 They are great for just about everything from running
model trains to monitoring the environment.

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