"HTML" Posting Tags, was Top-posting shenanigans

From: dvcorbin_at_optonline.net <(dvcorbin_at_optonline.net)>
Date: Fri Feb 25 14:24:10 2005

> Some of us retro-types use ASCII-specific apparatus (me: Pine
> under a Unix shell account via telnet using VanDyke CRT in
> strict VT-100 mode on a Dell Latitude)

For *this* list I will agree that that is a valid point.

> And Yet Another Page of Gibberish (YAP-G) is not what I want to
> wade through / delete / mutter darkly about.

At least you are not so retro to be using an ASR-33 for checking your mail.
(I should have at least uuencoded the "gibberish" [actually an offer of a three day triple play ski pass for $50 that I have] so it not not do too many bad things if someone IS using hardcopy terminal to check e-mail.
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