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From: Roger Merchberger <zmerch_at_30below.com>
Date: Fri Feb 25 15:15:35 2005

Rumor has it that dvcorbin_at_optonline.net may have mentioned these words:
> > a) Pretty fonts?
> > What does that improve for email?
>Readability, Emphasis, Organization [imagine reading a newspaper or
>magazine is EVERYTHING was 10pt Courier....

Straw man argument. 1) This is not a newspaper or magazine. 2) How does
pretty fonts improve organization? *Emphasis* is /easy/ in ASCII. And tell
me how <FONT SIZE=1>Readability</FONT> or <FONT SIZE=6>Readability</FONT>
improves readability? Especially for those who run Pine (not the best,
IMHO, I'm a Mutt fan myself... ;-)

> > b) Text in colors?
> > What does that improve for email?
>Emphasis again.

_Emphasis_ is not difficult in ASCII.

> > c) pictures?
> > You get that now via attachments...
> > but pictures on mailing lists is bad mojo no matter what.
>Most list List do not support attachments....

The ones that do may allow them for *judicious use*. When you do not use
that power judiciously, you still waste the donator's bandwidth, not to
mention that of the individuals subbed.

_Assuming_ that mailing lists disallow pictures / attachments would be foolish.

> > d) Tables?
> > You can do that now with tabs.
>You want to try to align a significant table?

Have. Quite often. 80-column tables on a 40x16 screen on my Tandy 200. *not

>Jays bandwidth issues I can readily agree with. Within the US [and I am
>well aware that this is an international list], the number of places where
>broadband is not available at a fairly reasonable price is becoming almost

Then you seem to don't give a frell about a goodly chunk of the US. I just
*happen* to live in the US, and our entire *ISP* is fed by a 6 megabit
pipe. Yes, the whole damn ISP. The best I can get at my house is ISDN,
which I still must share with my wife (She does need a phone, after all) so
I'm limited to 64Kbit unless it's the middle of the night. Oh, we (the
city) only got ISDN 5 years ago, BTW.

DSL got here 4 months ago, Cable (Charter) came in 2 weeks ago, but that's
Uncle MickeySoft, and neither of which are available where I live yet (yes,
*well* within the city limits, and in a fairly populous area).

>btw: Although I am listed on this list with a cable modem e-mail, it is
>not the only nor fastest connection Ihave to the net. If I am doing
>significant work, I remotely access a machine at my datacenter and have
>full access to multiple fiber channels [DS4 or better].

You don't *want* to see DS3 prices here. 2 years ago, the *entire city* was
fed by a single DS3 -- We're talking voice, data, everything. I think we
have 2 now.

Did I mention I live in the US? ;-)

Anyway, I'm done. Just because *you* are lucky enough to have access to
multiple DS4's, happybigfunday for you. Assuming most of the US has the
same access is just plain frelling stupid.

Roger Merchberger.
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