Approximate cost new, of classic kit.

From: Gordon JC Pearce <>
Date: Fri Feb 25 15:35:35 2005

So the IBM mainframe thread set me wondering...

How much would Aberdeen College of Agriculture paid for their PDP-11/73,
way back in the mid-80s (presumably - going by the dates on all the cards).

I've got - and there may well have been more kit that didn't survive -
the following:

Baydel OEM PDP-11/73 with 1Mb of memory, 16 serial lines and two biggish
MFM hard disks (not sure the exact term for these)
Three RL02 drives (seems that only two were used)
RX02 drives
about a dozen or so RL02 cartridges
RT11 version 5.0 (although I think an RL02 cart has 5.3)
TSX-Plus, a couple of versions ending up with 6.4
Two CIT-101 terminals (there must have been more)
Various other bits of software like FORTRAN, some sort of office
packages, a database, things like that. Haven't really made a list yet.

Even just for the hardware alone, how much would that have cost?

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