My Data General Nova 4/X -- RDOS installed, booting from disk!

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Fri Feb 25 17:03:52 2005

On Fri, 25 Feb 2005, Jules Richardson wrote:

> b) thanks for keeping us entertained. I was just saying to Witchy the
> other evening how the list use to be like this a few years ago, with
> people just volunteering stories and updates on what they were doing
> almost just for the hell of it. Then it seemed to go through a period
> for a long time where it wasn't much more than a question and answer
> session - things seem to be picking up again lately though :)

Well thanks for the feedback! Luckily (ahem) I don't mind ranting
into the wind (no comments please) but it's nice to know they're
not entirely unwanted.

> ('war' stories and progress updates are appreciated by me - and I'm sure
> many others on the list - even if I don't usually voice that fact :)

Likewise! Machine bring-ups, horror stories, problems fixed,
mysteries presented (not necessarily resolved...) are the real
reason I like this list, in addition to deep discussion of

I don't always read the fine details of DEC card revisions,
options and jumpering, not having a DEC machine, nor likely to
(though I said that about D.G.).

Maybe the public nose-picking (eg. nettiquette) is simply due to
the lack of actual content to write about? The chickens, bored,
start pulling each others feathers out and starting fights?
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