Apple //gs RamFAST/SCSI with CD-ROM troubles

From: Ronald Wayne <>
Date: Fri Feb 25 19:43:49 2005

Two of the best places to search for this type of information: the
comp.sys.apple2 newsgroup and the csa2 FAQs (you can find them at

I have used both the high sierra and HFS CD-ROMs on my Apple IIgs, but
it has been such a long time ago that I forget how. One thing worth
noting is that the HS and HFS filesystems are separate. You may wish
to confirm that you do have the HFS filesystem installed as well if
you are reading Mac CDs.

As far as I know, very little was released for the IIgs on CD-ROM. I
can only think of one product which wasn't some sort of compilation
CD, and technically speaking it is a compilation too (all of the Opus
compilers on one CD). It's an expensive critter, but interesting
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