Top-posting shenanigans (was: Re: ASR33 $1000+ And Counting...)

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Fri Feb 25 20:04:49 2005

On Fri, 25 Feb 2005, David V. Corbin wrote:

>>>> Not only is it possible, I just did it with your
>>>> (un-wrapped paragraph
>>>> above) using a single keypress in PINE.

> Doesn't look too well wrapped to me....

D'OH! I Stand corrected! Many assumptions made. 24x80 text window
or thereabouts, for one.

Though I admit in this *particular* instance, I have little
*practical* sympathy; the example jpeg you made is an
intentionally narrowed bit-mapped GUI window for most pessimum.

But I get your point. I retract my broad claim, but I'll assert
that your lines >> 80 are more generally pessimum for "most" users
(even). A long line may wrap iff you have end-of-line wrap on
(your possible assumption :-) but it will not retain ">" quote
context. My "well wrapped" para, displayed on a palmtop, will look
like poopoo.

Anyways, we're butting up against the edges of what ASCII can do.
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