Whistlin' Dixie! Ontopic, Really!

From: Gordon JC Pearce <gordon_at_gjcp.net>
Date: Sat Feb 26 03:32:10 2005

Roger Merchberger wrote:
> Rumor has it that Vintage Computer Festival may have mentioned these words:
>> Wimp! On days when I'm sick I communicate directly with the SMTP port.
> Pfft... that's easy... POP3 is even easier! However, if you can start
> blathering IMAP, then I'd have a bit more respect for your abilities.
> ;^> [1]
>> Otherwise, I normally whistle bits down the ether!!
> Otay -- here's the ontopic part:
> Tell us your stories about what abilities you could *whistle* into a
> classic modem!
> Me: Cheapest 300 baud Radio Shack on the planet (nomenclature to the
> ether.... prolly still have it in the attic *somewhere*) -- I could
> accurately whistle Q, R, space and <mumble>...

I could hit various "carrier" tones. If my mate had his BBS on, he left
the speaker on his phone turned off. The phone would ring, someone
would connect at 300 baud. Then they'd drop. Then they'd connect at
1200 baud, then drop. Then 300 baud again. Then the next time it rang,
he'd just answer it...

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