IBM mainframe goes for 99 cents

From: Stan Barr <>
Date: Sat Feb 26 05:22:54 2005


Gordon JC Pearce said:
> David H. Barr wrote:
> > Err... one score and four. My first real exposure to computing was a
> > Tandy M1000 the junior high was throwing out. I didn't own a working
> > computer of my own until 1996, which was a 486 cobbled out of friends'
> > spares. Do I have to turn in some sort of badge now?
> >
> > -dhbarr the abashed.
> Nah, pulling computers out of skips and building beige boxes out of crap
> and spares is definitely admissable. Builds geek cred.

Even better is when you get so well known locally that people bring stuff
you! Someone gave brought me a big box of stuff pulled out of an old
factory the other day, mostly modems, printer and comms sharers and *one*
wireless RS-422 link box - I've sent him back to look for the other one :-)

-stbarr the unabashed...

Stan Barr
The future was never like this!
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