From: Pete Edwards <>
Date: Sun Feb 27 17:45:12 2005

> > It could be interesting to know the age"spread" of thist list
> > contributors, and how long we've had the computer virus
> >under our skin.

1967. Started off writing BASIC on an RML 380Z at school computer club
- must have been 1980. Thank you Alec Wood wherever you are. I count
myself as exceedingly lucky as I got to play on some classic kit over
the years - DECsystem 10 at poly, PDP8/e, several PDP11s and
MicroVaxen while writing Pascal for Mass Spectrometers, then bigger
Vaxen and other DEC kit at a big multinational.
No doubt several of you would disagree, but I have seen few things in
the last 15 years as functional and elegant as a Vaxcluster. These
days we're mostly plugging badly designed commodity components
together and it pains me that so few of my colleagues have neither any
interest in their work or any comprehension of where this stuff came
Never mind eh, people are idiots, including me, my highest paper
qualification in the field being 'O' Level Computer Studies :)

Pete Edwards 
"Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future" - Niels Bohr
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