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Subject: Re: HTML in Email
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It was thus said that the Great Mike Ford once stated:
> OTOH I would not be willing to bet that some user on this list hasn't
> entered a message via toggle switches in octal. ;) They are just the ones
> to use HTML to prove a point. Actually it sounds a bit easier than the
> method Allison is using now. <ducking and running>

  Actually, this isn't the first time this topic has come up on this list.
The last time was .. wow! January of 1999 (hmmmm ... seasonal topic?). And
last time, Chuck McManis wanted HTML:

> Sheesh. Plain text really sucks. Y'all prefer that someone type _like
> to indicate a piece of underlined text? or my habit *bolding* with
> asterisks? This message "encoded" with HTML is roughly 5% larger than it
> in plain text. Wow, now that's a waste of resources.

  I responded in kind (and also in Postscript, morse code, and uuencoded

  -spc (I wonder what complaints about email we'll be bitching, uh,
        discussing, next year?)
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