lk201 question

From: Kevin Handy <>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 10:42:05 +0000

Mike wrote:

>I just picked up a lk201 keyboard today that wouldn't work with a vt320
>Unlike my other lk201's this one has blue strip across the top, an orange pf1
>key, f20 is labeled Hyph Push
>PN: LK201BA
>One site selling them says it is a word processing keyboard.
There were several word processing keyboards, depending on which
software you were using. DecWord, WordPerfect, All-In-One, etc.

>red lights and an error 4 on a VT 330.
Usually indicates a bad keyboard. (Error 4=keyboard)

Check the keyboard-terminal cable. Check for stuck

You could try disassembling it, cleaning the contacts
connecting the logic board to the main keyboard,
then try to reassemble it. Sometimes (rarely) it helps.
They are a bitch to disassemble/reassemble (You WILL
need to disassemble the connectors (bend out the pins
holding them to the circuit board, releasing the connector)
to re-insert the clear flat plastic cables.

>How many variations of LK201 were produced?
>Are they interchangeable?
Many. They should all be interchangable.
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