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Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 12:05:15 +0000

[Curt responding to Jules Richardson]

>> I've been playing around with all the manual settings on my camera
>> and just experimenting (using any kind of auto mode results in
>> banding on the computer's display, and of course use of flash is no
>> use for a shot of a glass screen).

Sounds to me as though you want a long exposure, which means either low
light or a slow film; since the screen is self-luminant, low light is
not a good way to handle it in this case. But...

>> (with a digital camera)

Yeah, if your camera doesn't have settings equivalent to exposure time
and film speed, it sounds to me like a case of Don't Do That, Then.
Not that that's teribly helpful.

> For straight on shots, the best is if you have a camera with a night
> shot feature no-flash, it keeps the iris open longer and you can
> usually get a very good photo.

Iris? This is a digital camera; they often (usually?) don't actually
have an iris.

I suspect you may have to put the camera on a tripod (or equivalent
means of keeping it fixed) and take something like a dozen pictures and
then digitally average them, to get the equivalent of a long exposure
with a slow film.

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