11/45 status

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 20:40:57 +0000

I finally got an hour free to dig back into my /45 restoration. Thanks to
some spare boards to help test and some very good "CE quickdocs" (thanks a
million ashley!), I got a little further. However, it brings me to two

1) In the absence of full docs on the MF11-L... I'm not sure about the
following. It looks like the 1st slot of the MF11-L backplan gets a unibus
in (A-B) from the last slot of the cpu backplane. The 2nd slot is my G110,
the 3rd is my G231, and the 4th slot has my H214 (C-F) in it. But looking at
some of the docs, it appears that an H214 can be in slots 1, 4, and a few
others per the diagram. My system arrived with one H214 in slot 4. Should it
be first... in slot 1 under the unibus in? Since I had a spare from ashley,
I put one in slot 1 and one in slot 4. I know the jumpers on the other
boards may not reflect 16K, but I figured it might change things. So if I
have just 8K set up, should the H214 be in slot 1, 4, or does it matter?

2) My front panel has an oddity (to me). If I select say address 10000 and
hit load addr the address lights respond correctly with 10000. I then hit
examine and get nothing (blank data lights). Whatever... but here's the
interesting part. If I keep pressing examine over and over again, the
address lights count up just like they should - except they skip bit zero
(the rightmost bit, either 0 or 15 whatever dec nomenclature is). I don't
mean that the rightmost bit just isn't displaying correctly, the actual
counting sequence acts like the rightmost bit is the 2nd light from the
right. I can tell it's not just a bulb problem because I don't have to hit
load addr twice to "move on", the count is smooth and sequential without the
rightmost bit. Any thoughts offhand?

I know my memory system is likely not jumpered right. I'm looking through
those jumpers either tonight or tomorrow and verify them.

Thanks for any thoughts!

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