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On 26 Feb 2005, at 09:37, Nico de Jong wrote:
> It could be interesting to know the age"spread" of thist list
> contributors,

Well, FWIW:

About to hit the big 6 0 (hi Nico!)

Started in '62 sorting & collating cards in an IBM unit
record service bureau. Programmed my share of plugboards,
claim to fame was programming a 402 to multiply (Can't be
done? HA!). Moved up to running the Statistical department
(What percentage prefer Colgate to Pepsodent) on an IBM 101
and was finally involved in moving operations to the first
Burroughs computer installed in Canada AFAIK (a B200).

Dropped out for 10 years or so to run a motorcycle shop,
got back in as a contract programmer for Burroughs.

In '82 took on support for a professional investment
management package running on Cromemco systems; still
supporting one, albeit on PC's these days (just fired one
up on a Cromemco; forgot just how slow they were...)

Designed, sold & supported a factory data collection system
based on AIM65s and a Cromemco (later moved to PCs).

Consultant on several TV series about personal computers
in mid-70s; still have copies somewhere.

Personal computers: one of the first PET2001s, later
moved up to an 8032 (designed & sold custom accounting
packages for 8032). VIC20 & 64 of course (wrote some
educational C64 stuff for a local school board). A few
TRS-80s, an original IBM PC, XT & numerous clones since.
And Cromemcos of course.

Trying to clear out basement & apartment filled with
40 years worth of accumulating junk before my
executors have to deal with it...

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