largest private DEC collection in USA to be sold.

From: Patrick Jankowiak <>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 23:34:30 +0000


I've been asked to post this notice.

We are liquidating, as a lot, all or part, the largest DEC
computer collection in private hands (that we know of).

Includes several pdp8 systems, pdp11's, many VAXen, a rare
Pro-380 integrated desk system, rainbows, KIMS box, decmate or
vaxmate, as well as peripherals, software on paper tape, dectape,
8" and 5.25 floppys, spare boards, parts, etc., cables, loot and
booty, even the sacred |d|i|g|i|t|a|l| speakers' podium from the
DEC ACT in Dallas, Texas and the DEC 'bricks' which used to adorn
the wall in the reception area. Also, for contrast, a pleasing
assortment of other systems including a diverse collection of
early (floppy only) laptops, (including several sony SMC-210's
which are made of unobtanium), several IBM Mainframe test boxes,
beehive terminals, floppy disk drive tester, Tektronix 4014
graphics terminal, the original analog disk drive fromt the first
Ampex slo-mo instant replay system installed at Cowboys Stadium,
you name it, Osborne 1, Apples, commodores, compaq luggables,
IMSAI 8080 with lots of spares, SWTPC computer, maybe 10 VT100
types, TI Professional portable, everything right down to the
nuts and bolts. Has been stored in a 30x40 climate controlled
building which is packed. Most all of it was working when
removed, and has been stored. There's more I can't think of right
now, but have a look at the web page (its' incomplete too, but it
is what it is):

The collection is available for $8000 all or part FOB Dallas,
Texas. We estimate 2-3 moving vans. Viewing reccommended and by
appointment please.

Best regards,

Patrick Jankowiak
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