Completely original vs. upgraded

From: James Rice <>
Date: Sun Jan 2 13:14:49 2005

I really don't see a problem with upgrades. I'd rather see a machine
upgraded and in use than a "correct" one that is a closet or warehouse
queen. That being said, I never upgrade one if it alters the physical
structure of the machine or involves cutting, grinding or drilling.

As far as my NeXT collection, I replace drives, add memory, generally
bring it up the maximum it could have been for daily use. I'm not a
"ricer" that adds cold cathode lighting or led illuminated fans with
glass portholes in the case. The closest I have come to something like
that was installing a blue LED in the light bar of my Octane to replace
the stupid little incandescent lamps that die almost immediately.

As far as your cube with NeXT property tags is concerned, I'd probably
set that one up as an original 68030 cube and pick up another shell cube
off ebay for the turbo board. One can never have too many cubes you
know. ;-)

>>>I have a small NeXT collection (getting bigger ;-)) and one thing I was
>>>wondering about was the need to maintain originality. For example, I
>>>have one NeXT cube with an interesting pedigree (it has NeXT asset tags
>>>on it, and some interesting bits), but it's a 68030 motherboard... the
>>>low end cube. I have a NeXT Turbo board I can put into the case, but
>>>then the unit wouldn't be "original" any more... does that matter?
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