Looking for Larscom CupreDSU

From: Brad Parker <brad_at_heeltoe.com>
Date: Sun Jan 2 16:32:54 2005

Perhaps I'm confused, but why just use use one of the simple SDSL to ethernet
boxes out there? I bought a few for $25 on ebay. When they die I just
plug in a new one (and then debug the dead power supply at my leasure)

It won't give you the v.35 but you can't beat the price and simplicity.
Plus I'd rather use a delua than run ppp or cisco hdlc.

I run several over a bare copper wire I lease from the phone company.
Works like a champ and I get 2mbits. I never have to touch them (except
when the ps dies every few years).

also, didn't pairgain make a similar box? or att paradyne.

I think the sdsl firmware is really bits put in an fpga. You don't want
to do that unless you have the right test equipment, a test dslam and
lots of time.


Michael Sokolov wrote:
>Hi everyone and Happy New Year,
>This is probably OT because the piece I'm looking for is not 10 y old, however
>it is an item of interest primarily to those with a passion for classic
>computing and seems to be absolute unobtainium, much harder to find than
>many older items.
>The CupreDSU is a unit that allows one to connect a classic router of the
>kind used with [F]T1 lines (in my case a MicroVAX with a DSV11 card running
>4.3BSD-Quasijarus) to a Copper Mountain SDSL line. Apparently it was
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