Intel MDS Series II poll

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Sun Jan 2 19:01:36 2005

Hi Joe
 Do you or anyone on the list have a programmer with
the right adapter for the 8741?
 It almost always requires an adapter.

>From: "Joe R." <>
>Hi Dave,
> I have a crap load of 8741s (I think!) that are just waiting for a
>project like this! I already have this installed in my MDS-235. I'm sure I
>have plenty of 2716s too but those are common. Hmmm, this might be a good
>opportunity to try out that Stag programmer that I've never used.
> I got your other message and will call you some other time. My OL fell
>and messed up her ankle and I'm having to tote and fetch for her and I'm
>worn out. Also just spent three days cleaning %$^%&% HSA hijacker off my
> Joe
>At 09:06 PM 12/30/04 -0500, you wrote:
>>Ok, I've been on a kick lately to get my Intel MDS Series II systems
>>working as much as I can. So my interest in them is peaking.
>>I'd like to know who has Series II's on this list, if you don't mind
>>admitting it. I know that Tony, Joe, Steve, Dwight, and a few others
>>do. And Joe can probably supply anyone who wants one with a system.
>>;) Just kidding Joe. You are hanging onto yours as an investment,
>>right? I know I am!!!
>>These last couple of days I copied images of the ROM code that makes up
>>an upgrade for the Series II called iMDX-511. It was all new firmware
>>for the IOC board (4 2716's) and a new firmware in the keyboard (8741A)
>>to implement the upgrade. It turned the RPT (repeat) key into a
>>"function" (FCTN) key. And along with the latest version of ISIS (4.3)
>>you had the capability to hit FCTN-D for "DIR " or FCTN-T for " TO " and
>>many other "soft" keys for ISIS command line shortcuts. It also added
>>cursor addressability to the integral CRT and some attributes, like
>>reverse video, blinking, underline, etc. All stuff that we take for
>>granted today, but in those days it was a big thing!!!
>>Anyway, if anyone is interested I can make the binaries available and
>>help those of you who have these beasts get it implemented.
>>Any takers?
>>Dave Mabry
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