From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Mon Jan 3 12:50:42 2005

On Jan 3 2005, 13:08, John Allain wrote:
> Hi,
> Anybody have a stupid DOS trick for importing binary files
> over a com: port? I have a floppy-less laptop that I want to
> get Kermit.exe into.

You've obviously discovered (or knew) that MS-DOS COPY won't accept the
/B switch when one of the "files" is a device. You're not the first to
have this chicken-and-egg situation with Kermit; the Kermit
distributions have C and FORTRAN programs to turn an EXE file into a
BOO file, which can go over an ASCII link and be decoded by a smallish
BASIC program called MSBPCB.BAS (there are C and Pascal version of
this, too).

There's a description of how it's done at

which might save you some time.

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