From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Mon Jan 3 14:23:59 2005

On Mon, 3 Jan 2005, John Allain wrote:

> Anybody have a stupid DOS trick for importing binary files
> over a com: port? I have a floppy-less laptop that I want to
> get Kermit.exe into.

Barbaric, ain't it?! THe devices default to cooked mode; there
is a corresponding raw mode, accessible (sic) by the ioctl call,
but it usually doesn't work.

You might try:

A> copy com:/b

(I forget where the /b goes) but it probably won't work.

Here's some ideas:

Tools for your mental tool box:

* MSDOS debug will properly load Intel hex files.
* There is a .EXE to .COM converter out there somewhere (non-M$)

Google for 'intel hex'; you should be able to make BASIC produce
that from a file, but you'll ahve to use the right horrible
commands so that BASIC won't gag on binary "characters"! Sheesh.

In fact, if the donor/source computer is MSDOS, debug mught
even PRODUCE Intel hex; I just don't recall. .EXE don't contain
too much magic, just Mark Zibikoski's initials and a few words
telling how much resources it wants. Most convert to .COM but
get a bit larger, if I recall.

If you get the hex file to the target machine OK,

A> debug hexfile.hex

Should do it. If the file was a .COM, then you can type "G100"
and it will run! If it was a .EXE, you'll have to use the save
command, save the right number of blocks to disk, etc. I've
long forgotten the proper invokations.
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