FTGH: DEC documentation (UK)

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Date: Mon Jan 3 14:02:45 2005

Hi list,

I have here a DEC documentation set for the VT220 (its outer cardboard
cover says VT200, though).

It contains:

VT220 Owner's Manual (EK-VT220-UG-003)
VT220 Installation Guide (EK-VT220-IN-002)
VT220 Programmer Pocket Guide (EK-VT220-HR-002)

It also contains the following:

VAX Language-Sensitive Editor VAX Fortran Pocket Guide (AA-EV45A-TE)
MicroVMS User's Pocket Reference (AA-Z211C-TE)
MicroVMS Programming Pocket Reference (AA-Z214B-TE)

These are all free to whoever wants them (unless any of the Bitsavers
guys need them for scanning, in which case they get first refusal).
You pay shipping.

Usual 21 days before they get recycled, so move fast. Replies by
private mail please.

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