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From: Jonathan Gevaryahu <jgevaryahu_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Mon Jan 3 21:27:01 2005

It is worth something to me, but at the moment my budget is rather tight. I
didn't mean to 'whine' about it, I was just excited to see such a complete
piece for sale, and was surprised when you bought it. I didn't mean for you
to buy something you didn't want.
I'd say the complete documentation (the stuff in the binder) is worth around
$60 to me, but I don't have any extra money to spend right now.
In about a month I should have enough. I'll e-mail you then.

Jonathan Gevaryahu
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>>>>I hope to see the whole thing scanned (and I want to see the scans too).

>>>And this information is worth how much to you?

>>I was hoping to get scans of the *ENTIRE* Votrax PSS manual

>Perhaps you are not a native English speaker.
>I just spent over $200 for something I was not particularly interstested
>in because you were whining on this mailing list about wanting the 
>I am not going to put this information up on bitsavers for free. If you 
>this is worth something to you, put up or shut up.
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