Slightly OT: DOS programs in Win XP

From: Computer Collector Newsletter <>
Date: Mon Jan 3 22:58:35 2005

A while ago I asked if anyone on the list could help me get AutoCAD 12 for DOS.
 Several people came through and I now have a copy. Thanks, everyone!

As expected though, it doesn't work and play nicely with Windows XP. I was
hoping that just running it through a command prompt window and giving that
giving the Win 95 compatibility attribute to the acad.exe file would make it
work. It didn't and I got a strange error message:

"Phar Lap err 74: Can't use -REALBREAK under this version of DPMI"

So I Google that and found a few threads like this one:

Apparently it's just not possible to run Acad 12 in 'real' DOS in XP. I
already knew XP's prompt is nothing close to real DOS, but I was hoping to find
a way to trick the program, or a way to emulate DOS perhaps. Anyone have a
clever solution to this? (I do have a suitable second PC to install real DOS
on, but I'd rather not have to dedicate a whole system just to use one program.)

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