Slightly OT: DOS programs in Win XP

From: Computer Collector Newsletter <>
Date: Tue Jan 4 01:32:37 2005

Version 12 for DOS was already becoming old when I first learned how to use it
in 1995. So where could I be expected to go out today and buy a licensed copy?

Besides, it's purely for my personal non-commercial use.

LOL, and right now it's NOT being used, because I can't get it to run on my
computer, thus I posted the OT message here. So Autodesk temporarily wins.

--- John Foust <> wrote:

> At 01:00 AM 1/4/2005, der Mouse <> wrote:
> >I have no knowledge either way. But it does seem to me that just
> >because person B doubts that person A knows it's pirated does not
> >necessarily mean that that person B has reason to think it's not.
> My hints come from his mentioning that several people helped him with
> "finding a copy", as well as my experience with the shark-like rapacity
> of Autodesk's licensing requirements. Call me skeptical. It's not
> like AutoCAD is a thirty-years-extinct product. It's alive and well.
> You're supposed to buy it.
> - John

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