NICE hp box on epay

From: Jay West <>
Date: Tue Jan 4 22:44:35 2005

Hey HP fans... Check out item # 5154313481 on ebay.

I have a stash of these, but none I want to get rid of yet. Evenso, I was
tempted by this one.

It's a 2100A, looks to be very good condition, and stuffed with a lot of
really nice cards. The seller put up some really nice photos of the all over
the unit and you can enlarge all of them to read the fine print on all the
card handles.

That system is pretty decked out... 32KW core, several 8-bit dup reg boards,
several CRT interfaces (I'd like one of those). 7970 Mag tape, 13210 (7900A)
disc controller set. Very nice.

If you're not an HP fan, you really should check out the front panel
pictures. Gorgeous - but then I'm biased :>

Jay West
Received on Tue Jan 04 2005 - 22:44:35 GMT

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