Available: BA23 skins x 2 sets (UK)

From: Martin Bishop <mjd.NO.bishop.SPAM_at_iee.org>
Date: Tue Jan 4 08:26:09 2005

Had I looked down my in box ...

Like the TK50 diag these are of interest.

May I offer a bottle of The Balvenie on collection ?

If my offer wins the prize, please let me know where in the UK and I'll
confirm / decline.




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Subject: Available: BA23 skins x 2 sets (UK)

I have 2 sets of BA23 "skins" (the outer plastic covers) available.

One is complete and undamaged (except for the property marking
described below) - has both side panels, front cover, back cover, and
the base "foot".

The other has everything except the back cover, and the "foot" on this
one has a chunk missing from the middle of one edge, maybe about 4"

Both of them have the name of the organisation they came from marked
on the front panel (under the opening for the drives) using the
"SELECTAMARK" system (blue dots which spell out letters in a
dot-matrix-style font). This can be removed with glasspaper, or if you
don't care you can of course just leave it. I suppose this only really
matters if you want the covers for display/museum purposes.

Best offer (to me by private mail) by the end of 21 days takes them.
Your offer can be from "nothing" upwards - I don't mind if these go
for free, but if they're worth more then obviously I wouldn't mind a
few drinking vouchers ;)

You must pay shipping or collect in all cases.

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