"Antique" Apple II e Computer, Manuals, Books

From: John E Snyder <jesnyder_at_iastate.edu>
Date: Wed Jan 5 15:59:13 2005


I am doing some housecleaning, and re-discovered that I have an old Apple
II e computer (with monitor, disk drive, and keyboard), and a big box of
software, manuals, and books for it.

I am not a home computer hobbyist (just a computer user) and have no use
for it, but it would seem a shame to just throw all the stuff into the

I am not really trying to sell it or anything, just see that it gets to
someone who is interested in it.

How can I find if there is someone interested in it, who I could give it to?

Thanks for your help,


(515)-294-4312 (university)
(515)-232-8824 (home)
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