From: Gordon JC Pearce <>
Date: Thu Jan 6 03:57:01 2005 wrote:

> This is correct - the Sharp PC-3000 palmtop (of which I have a faulty
> one here - it used to work fine though) has a version of Laplink in
> ROM which can do exactly this.

My Toshiba T1000EX has Laplink in ROM (in fact, DOS 3.3 in ROM IIRC).

> There's a menu option like "Upload client to remote side" or
> something, which then displays "Type the following commands on the
> connected machine and then press return" or similar. ISTR there are
> about 3 commands it displays which you type on the remote side; at
> least one of them is to do with setting the speed of the serial port,
> and I think at least one of them involved COPY. You certainly didn't
> need anything other than plain DOS on the machine you were uploading
> to.

I think the last one is "CTTY COM?:" where ? is the port number. This
lets the serial port become the console, at which point Laplink takes
over and builds up a copy on the other machine somehow.

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