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From: Steve Thatcher <melamy_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Thu Jan 6 17:30:47 2005

the support issue was IBM also. It isn't much different that the early days
of Windows NT. There were plenty of software companies making software for
3.1 and 95, 98, etc that would not support NT because they did not want to
spend the money for testing. Most of it worked just fine, but I did have
conversations with companies about the no support policy.

As for Traveling Software, I don't have source code unfortunately. I did
work on the DOS version and created the remote control TSRS. I also tweaked
and improved the serial and parallel protocols back in 1992-97. Let me try
and track something down for you. I may still be able to contact a few people.

best regards, Steve

At 04:55 PM 01/06/2005, Roger Merchberger wrote:
>Rumor has it that Steve Thatcher may have mentioned these words:
>>if they allowed it, then they had to support it...
>That sounds more like the M$ I know... ;-)
>>As for Traveling Software, seeing how I worked for them for five years, I
>>don't recall any buyout attempts from Microsoft. Traveling did go through
>>hard times and it still around but not as they were back in the 90s.
>Do you know of anything remaining from the days when they (you?) made
>products for the Tandy Model 100/102/200 / NEC 8201A laptop machines?
>Source code especially... ;-) There are still quite a few people
>(relatively speaking, of course) using those little critters (me included)...
>*Anything* that's still around would be greatly appreciated!
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