Importing binary files without removable storage nor non-bundled software (was: TKermitFTP

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Thu Jan 6 19:47:19 2005

> In the past when I wanted a non-block binary transfer, [...]

> It makes a simple protocol that is easy to implement in code.

It's _almost_ identical to SLIP framing (though SLIP has marginally
different goals, because its EOF analog occurs relatively frequently
(depending on the data stream, anywhere from every few dozen bytes to
every thousand or so). A couple of years ago, I even took advantage of
some of those 256 sequences that the escape-character technique gives
you to extend SLIP to handle IPv6. (The SLIP "nonstandard" contains
language implying that this cannot be done. Happily, that implication
is wrong - whoever wrote it apparently didn't notice that SLIP uses
only two of the 256 possible escape sequences and that 254 of them thus
remain available for other uses.)

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