RTL Logic

From: Randy McLaughlin <randy_at_s100-manuals.com>
Date: Fri Jan 7 12:39:45 2005

Thank you very much for putting up the manual.

As I said My memory of light use more than 30 years ago was wrong.

In general the Vcc voltage specs alone should eliminate swapping TTL & RTL,
in this specific case the RTL device (MC789) is driven with a +5v
power-supply which going by the manual is too high.

I stand by my statement that for the three projects mentioned TTL should
work. After checking the specs of the original parts (MC789) I would
recomend using TTL since Vcc is driven with +5v and I didn't see anything
else in the project plans that would eliminate TTL for the inverters.


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>> 3.6v? Are you joking or do you believe that?
> The MC7xx series specs are now up at
> http://www.bitsavers.org/pdf/motorola/_dataBooks/1969_microElectronics/17_MRTL_700P_800P.pdf
> Feel free to interpret their specifications any way that you like.
> This will be the last comment I will make on this topic.
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