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Date: Fri Jan 7 14:46:48 2005

Fron that same URL Randy just posted:

> http://www.tinaja.com/glib/marcia.pdf

Maybe this is where some of those tube audio people get their

Q: When using barbed wire to connect speakers, is it better to use
two-point or four-point barb? Specifically, are the claims that
four point barb definitively quantifies the transient interphase
gribient dynamosity worth the extra expense?

A. The Barbie and Barbie Doll proponents tend to feel that two
point is better for Barry Manilow and four point for Metallica.
Either way, oxygen free wire is a must. Studies have shown that
4-point exhibits corona effects over 100 watts, while 2-point only
loses half as many electronics.

    Both 2-point and 4-point tend to raise the pitch of the
music because they are sharp. To compensate, connect a
length of flat ribbon cable in parallel. The excess pitch
sharpening can also be mitigated by flattening each point with a
hammer blow.

    Certain researchers claim that grebient dynamosity
(especially its transcendental interphase manifestation) is
unaffected by even integer testing. With the execption of
mundancily fortuitous positive shift economics. A few
mathematicians have verified this with their 2 + 2 = 4 rule that
seems valid except for very large values of two.

    Other proponents do feel that 4-point gives a better
soundstaging, reduced midrange granularity, and better bass speed.
The phase balance gets compensated by the inherent quadrilateral

    There is a possibility of group delay, since the intended
purpose of barbed wire is to inherently delay groups of people or
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