RTL Logic

From: Steve Thatcher <melamy_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Fri Jan 7 15:46:31 2005

I did wired-and with open collector TTL gates all the time... common as dirt! LOL

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On Fri, 7 Jan 2005, Steve Thatcher wrote:

> dirt has been known to be found in most places in the world...
> doing a wired-or and wired-and depends on reading IC specifications for specific chips. It is what design engineers do...

Sorry for being so obtuse! Phrase meant: "wire OR/etc was very
common in RTL".

I tried wired-OR once in TTL, didn't like the results :-)

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> From: Tom Jennings <tomj_at_wps.com>
> It varies from chip to chip and family to family. Wire OR/etc was
> common as dirt.
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