Imlac PDS-1 simulators?

From: Randy McLaughlin <>
Date: Sat Jan 8 00:41:05 2005

Just recently PDS software was offered and I posted it on my site.

Also available are some Intel emulators for ISIS (not PDS and not full
system emulators).


Also directly accessed via

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Subject: Imlac PDS-1 simulators?

> Does anyone knows about of any Imlac PDS-1 simulators? I've taken a
> real interest in them recently, and I think it might be a fun project
> to participate in. I very sincerely doubt that I have the motivation
> to tackle the entire thing myself, so I'm hoping one has already
> been started by somebody with a more gung-ho attitude than I have :)
> I'm also looking for PDS-1 software -- does anyone have any archived
> somewhere where it can be downloaded?
> -Seth
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