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From: John Foust <jfoust_at_threedee.com>
Date: Sat Jan 8 00:53:24 2005

At 09:30 PM 1/7/2005, Scott Stevens wrote:
>His website is http://www.tinaja.com
>He appears to be mostly into non-electronic stuff these days. A lot of
>eBay marketing.

Ah, Don - always entertaining. His auction tips within his eBay
tips have many nuggets of value to anyone hunting classic equipment
as well as those re-sellable modern nuggets that can fund the
old-computer habit.

His eBay seller tips seem to be aimed at people who want to make
a living at it. I balked at his 30:1 tip, for example, having
derived that I was happy with a 10:1 ratio on items I bought
for $100. Then you read things like his recommendation that you
spend at least two hours cleaning up an image for an eBay auction,
or his Rube Goldberg methods to do image processing in PostScript,
and you wonder if he's spent a little too much time at high altitudes.

- John
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