Imlac PDS-1 simulators?

From: Tom Uban <>
Date: Sat Jan 8 09:51:20 2005

At 10:23 PM 1/7/2005 -0800, Seth Morabito wrote:

>Does anyone knows about of any Imlac PDS-1 simulators? I've taken a
>real interest in them recently, and I think it might be a fun project
>to participate in. I very sincerely doubt that I have the motivation
>to tackle the entire thing myself, so I'm hoping one has already
>been started by somebody with a more gung-ho attitude than I have :)
>I'm also looking for PDS-1 software -- does anyone have any archived
>somewhere where it can be downloaded?

I've been considering starting a simulator project for the PDS-1D, but
haven't actually engaged yet. You can find some code and related info
on my site:

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