Newish Parts

From: David H. Barr <>
Date: Sat Jan 8 12:29:19 2005

I have sitting on my desk, taking up space:

 * 4 Intel i386 processors
 * 3 Intel Above Board Plus 8's (non-IO version, 2MB installed) 16 bit ISA cards

Not really VERY old (circa '90) but if anyone wants, they can have.
The 386's have just been stuck in some foam for about 6 years, but the
memcards are new, in box, with 5.25 drivers and manuals (two still
shrink-wrapped!). They say they're PC / XT / AT compatible, I think
(not at my desk right now). They have a mode to work in an 8-bit
slot, IIRC, and can be configured as extended or standard mem.


PS: Of course these are free, and shipping should be nominal.
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