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From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Jan 9 20:55:16 2005

> > I'm running fvwm2 (over KDE), gained 200 MEGABYTES FREE MEMORY!,
> > and sacrificed *nothing* in the way of convenience. Nothing.

>Well, you *are* a geek, remember... You don't need a big DE, newbies do.
>My 73-year-old grandmother is very happy with GNOME.
>Most of what KDE loads probably stands in swap anyways. Still quite big.

This is the part I really hate about Linux distro's. At work they
seem to think we want to run either KDE or GNOME, and those are the
only two options when logging into a system. Sorry, I want to run
either MWM (talk about sick and twisted), or a pre-V1 version of
Afterstep that I was originally running on an RS/6000 350 workstation
at work 8+ years ago! As a result I just login under the failsafe
mode without a window manager and fire up what *I* want. I did run
Enlightenment for a few years at work, but since I'm running my Unix
desktop via VNC these days I prefer a much lighter weight solution.

Last time I loaded a system at home with Linux, I opted for Debian.
At least with it, it is possible to do an installation without quite
so much garbage. Still ever since I moved my Mac to Mac OS X last
year, I've not had much need for a Linux box at home.


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