Lots of S-100 card docs avail/wanted

From: Dave Dunfield <dave04a_at_dunfield.com>
Date: Mon Jan 10 19:59:43 2005

Took in a big load of S-100 material this past weekend, including
5 complete systems (Altair 8800, Vector-1+, 3 homebuilts), and a
total of 76 S-100 cards, with about 40 different types.

I believe I have documentation for them all, which I would like to
eventually make available in electronic form.

As there is really no need for multiple people to scan documentation,
I propose the following:

- If you have already scanned documents for any of these cards, or
  otherwise have "electric" form, please let me know.

- If you are looking for documenation on any of these cards, please
  let me know and I will move the ones requested up my priority

A=AndiCom B=oBjective designs C=eleCtronic systems
D=Drc E=Ems G=GodBout
H=HomeBuilt I=Ithaca Audio L=simpLiway
M=Mits N=Northstar O=newtrOnics
P=Processor-tech. R=m.t.wRite S=Solid State music
T=Tanner Computers V=Vector Graphic W=WMC

Mfg Model Description
 A AM1000 64k RAM
 B VDI Video Display
 B Programmable Character Generator
 C S-100 Active Terminator
 D S-100 Sound Effects
 D 32k RAM
 E VC8024 Single Board Computer (CPU/ROM/RAM/VID/KBD)
 G EconoRam II 8k RAM
 G EconoRam IV RAM
 G 106C Active Terminator
 G 106E Active Terminator
 H 1793 Disk Controller
 H TRS-80 Eprom Card
 H ? (full of sockets)
 I IA-1100 Video
 L Video/Keyboard
 M CPU BD REV.0 8080 CPU Board *
 M 88-1 SIO Serial I/O *
 M 88-SIOB Serial I/O with Modem/Cassette daughter card
 M 4K Synchronous RAM BD
 N MDC-A4 Single-Density Disk Ctrlr *
 N MDS-AD Double-Density Disk Ctrlr *
 O 64K S-100 memory
 P VDM-1 64x16 Video
 P CUTS (revB) Cassette/Tape Interface
 P 3P+S I/O (rev2) Parallel/Serial I/O
 P 16KRA 16k RAM
 R I/O - proto
 S CB1 8080 CPU
 S CB1A 8080 CPU
 S CB2 Z80 CPU
 S IO-4 Serial/Parallel I/O
 S PB1 EPROM Programmer
 S VBTC Video
 T 32K EPROM II 32K memory (RAM populated)
 V 8080 CPU
 W MEM-3 32k RAM (2114)

* = I already have these scanned from my other S-100 projects.

Guy was also really into TRS-80's - I received two Model IIIs
and a Model IV-D - also with tons of documenation and technical
material - if anyone is interested in this documentation, contact
me and I will forward an inventory when it becomes available.

** Two of the S-100 homebuilts are actually complete TRS-80's
   implemented on S-100 cards - they run the TRS-80 ROMs unmodified
   (with disk system) and load/run TRS-80 software!

A few other interesting odds and ends as well, such as a SWTP C-64
terminal and docs, Full collection of Micro-80 magazine, and much
more - this will all eventually get listed on the web site, so check
in in a few months (years?) in case there is anything of interest.

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