AIM65 with unknown second board

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Mon Jan 10 07:16:45 2005


We were given an AIM65 the other day (first time I've seen a real one)
in a rather fetching custom blue case that has a carry handle on one
edge. It was apparently used by Xerox for some for of magnetic media
testing way back when; it still carries a Xerox asset tag on the back.

Unfortunately in between the previous owner saying they wanted it when
it was retired and them going to collect it, it got thrown into a skip -
so there's some damage to the case and the red display cover needs
replacing. Luckily the electronics survived, apart from one broken

Curious thing about the machine is that it has a second board mounted
under the main board, containing quite a bit of circuitry. I was
wondering whether this second board is something custom produced by
Xerox (there are no marks indicating manufacturer) or whether it was an
official off-the-shelf expansion board...

Quick and dirty pics at:

Wish I'd brought the machine home now, but I can get a list of the main
ICs on that second board when I'm next at the musuem if needs be.

Note that there seems to be no RAM on the AIM65 board itself, - just ROM
- but there are 16 4116 chips on the expansion board.


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