Lots of S-100 card docs avail/wanted

From: Dave Dunfield <dave04a_at_dunfield.com>
Date: Mon Jan 10 22:45:18 2005

>> Took in a big load of S-100 material this past weekend, including
>> 5 complete systems (Altair 8800, Vector-1+, 3 homebuilts), and a
>> total of 76 S-100 cards, with about 40 different types.
>Holy crap! Nice haul!

Thanks - it was a big load - took me about two hours to pack *most* of it
into my Jeep Cherokee (with the rear seat folded down) - ended up leaving
a few bits and pieces to pickup later this summer (was located about 700km
from me).

It was one of those "everything went right" experiences - The Altair is
*mint* - not a mark on the panel or any worn lettering ... My initial
disappointment because it didn't have the silver nameplate (my other one
doesn't either) was quickly put aside when he hauled out the nameplate,
still with it's "pink" protective covering on it. In addition to the Mits
cards listed, it came with the original Mits 4K BASIC and 8K BASIC cassettes,
as well as all of the documentation - and a completely unexpected suprise
was when I noticed the January 1975 Popular Electronics "Altair" issue
laying on top of it (I've been looking for it for a very long time).

A very nice piece, along with the Vector which is also in excellent condition.

>> ** Two of the S-100 homebuilts are actually complete TRS-80's
>> implemented on S-100 cards - they run the TRS-80 ROMs unmodified
>> (with disk system) and load/run TRS-80 software!
>Holy crap II! That is fucking cool! Pictures!!!

I thought so too - Very unique S-100 systems - I will be getting them
up and running, and will let you know how they work out. They are mostly
homebuilt cards (except for memory).

>I want pictures of those homebrew TRS-80 S-100 systems. That has to be
>the coolest S-100 system ever (next to the Atari S-100 stuff I've got ;)

I had hoped to update my site within the next week or two, however I expect
it will get pushed off a little now, as some of the new material is worthy
of waiting for - but the update will include photos of the two "TRS-80"
S-100 systems - I'll post a note when I have made the update.

Do you have photos of the Atari S-100 material posted?

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