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Date: Mon Jan 10 23:53:57 2005

People have made mention of ubuntu in this thread. My boss tried it out and
like it a lot so he created a bootable cd for me and I tried it out on a
computer I built from leftover parts. I used a crappy PC chips system board with
onboard video and sound and put a 3com etherlink III NIC in the only slot and
added a PII 400 and 512M RAM. I booted up the CD and it set up the blank
hard drive and everything else with little intervention. It picked up the video
card and the NIC and connected to my broadband connection. After a few
hardware problems, it's up and running with mozilla. There's a package manager
which can be used to bring down all the updates for installation. I expected to
have to do some user configuration but it was essentially hands off! Runs
pretty good and still plenty of space left on the hard drive. The sound does not
work, but I expected that since I don't know what sound chipset the system
board has.
anyone curious about linux should check it out. also
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