How the Mac was born... supposedly...

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Date: Tue Jan 11 14:07:12 2005

You were yelled at by Jobs? Please share the tale with the rest of us. :)

If it's any consolation, I was once "Ellison'd" at an Oracle press conference
in 2001. My question was about the impact of open-source infrastructure and
open-source databases like MySQL, etc. He said the question was "stupid".
LOL, but a short time later, Oracle started a big marketing push about Linux.

--- Brad Parker <> wrote:

> Computer Collector Newsletter wrote:
> >1.html?tag=nefd.lede
> huh. The world according to Andy.
> Certainly one side of the story, but not the only side I suspect.
> I'd be curious to hear what Steve Capps and Joanna Hoffman think of the
> book :-)
> (I remember being yelled at by mr. jobs in 1985. eeeyow. blew my hair
> back!)
> -brad

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