Auction goodies

From: Tom Ponsford <>
Date: Fri Jan 7 09:19:16 2005

Another good auction! For my $20 hard-earned dollars I picked up:

a tabletop 9348-012 IBM SCSI (differential) 9-track tape drive (woohoo) so I
can now make software tapes for my PDP's on my peecee!!

Anybody have a manual for this beast?? I will gladly pay copying and mailing

an Ohio Scientific 600 Single board computer (circa 1980) w/ power supply and
cassette software along with these manuals:

Servicing Data for Computer Boards 600 & 610 (challenger series)
Assembler editor and Extended Monitor Reference Manual (C1P, C4P and C8P)
Basic Reference Manual (ROM 65D and 65U)
65V Primer
C1P and C1P MF Introductory Manual
The Cip Users Manual

Also a couple of IBM AT's (for the MFM drives)
A couple of SGI Indy's (r5000's)
miscellaneous peecee computer parts

All-in-all a good day!!



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