Thorn EMI Proton Detection System Commodore PET (UK)

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Date: Tue Jan 11 10:00:18 2005

A friend of mine who works for a large local organisation rescued this
fascinating piece of kit from being thrown in a dumpster. It is a
modified PET (the later series without the cassette drive) with the
"Commodore" name strip replaced with a "Thorn EMI" one.

It is internally modified with one or several? more boards mounted in
it, and there are several ports which have been added to the right
hand side - these include two BNCs which IIRC were Analogue In and
Analogue Out, a 25-pin D RS232, and several others I don't recall.

The machine also has new ROMs in it - however the original ones are
stored within it in a small perspex box attached to the baseplace (how
thoughtful is that?). I didn't get to see it run.

There is also a Commodore dual floppy drive for the unit with it
(using half-height drives).

Another contact I have at this place is a collector of old computers
so I suspect he will have his eye on this, however he has a PET in his
collection already, so if this unit is of particular historical
importance and someone wants it for their museum where it will go on
display (Witchy? Jules?) I might be able to get it for you on this
basis. I could certainly try.

Is anyone interested?
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